Frequently Asked Questions

What is in Our Daily Bread?

Flour, wheaten bran, course rolled oats, linseed, sunflower seed,sesame seed, salt and sugar.

Is Our Daily Bread low GI?

No, it is medium GI. We were offered the option of adding calcium proprionate, which is a preservative found in most commercial breads. This lowers the GI value of a product. We prefer to keep our premix chemical free. It has lots of fibre and healthy seeds which makes it good for you.

Is Our Daily Bread organic?

No it is not organic. We use commercially produced seeds and flour.

Can I adapt the recipe?

We have a recipe for a breadmaker as well as recipes that do not require yeast. Please email us should you require these.

Is Our Daily Bread suitable for diabetics?

As it is medium GI it is best eaten before exercise in order for diabetics to efficiently metabolise it. The high fibre content is an advantage in making it slower release energy.

Is Our Daily Bread available anywhere other than KZN?

At this point in time ODB is not available anywhere but KZN but we are hoping to launch in Gauteng early in 2013.

Does Our Daily Bread stay fresh for a long time?

Because ODB is preservative free, it ideally should be kept in the fridge in very hot weather. It is usually consumed long before this becomes an issue!